About Us

Where It All Began

Fieldhouse Catering (formerly GA Fieldhouse Gourmet Roasts) was established in 2005 by George & Tracy Fieldhouse.

George Fieldhouse is a family man who became a chef in his early twenties.

He is a father of 4 kids and worked tirelessly when they were growing up to put food on the table by working in many hotels around SA.

George used to work split shifts and was head chef at many restaurants which was hard work and he barely saw his family.

His kids used to have to spend Christmas Day in the Hotel he was working in to be able to see him. In the early 2000’s George was becoming tired of working for the man for minimum wage and decided it was time for something bigger.

All of George’s children have worked for him at some point and he prides himself on being a family business. His youngest son Matt becoming a chef too to follow in his fathers footsteps. 

He and his wife Tracy had a dream to run their own catering business. It was a big risk and took much trial and error at first, starting out with small jobs and building up slowly.

14 years later the business is booming and Fieldhouse Catering caters for thousands of people each year at weddings, birthdays, corporate functions and many other events.

Hours of Operation

10:00am – 1:00pm
4:00pm – 10:30pm

3:00pm – 10:30pm

We are closed

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